Recycled Wooden Pallets Kennel Designs


Many people among you must be wondering that what is a pallet kennel and how can we make one? So, do not worry as we will let you know about it. Pallet kennel is a dog house made with wooden pallets. Today, we will present you some amazing pallet kennel designs that you can make at home easily.

 pallet dog kennel

In this pallet kennel, we have used recycled pallets but first we sanded them and polished them, after that, we have started making this lovely project. As you can see, there is a door that is making this design unique. You can place this at anywhere and can use the upper surface as a table.

 pallet dog kennel ideas

This is a wonderful pallet kennel as the white and black color are adding beauty to it. So, go ahead and start making this recycled pallet kennel but first sand the pallets carefully.

 pallet kennel

This is a simple yet easy recycled pallet kennel. It is a little bit big so, it will take a bit of time to be completed. Do not hesitate as the price of wooden pallets are quite low so, you will not have to spend a lot of money.


This is a triangular shaped recycled pallet kennel. It is one of the most simple recycled pallet kennels that you could ever come across. Any beginner can complete this triangular recycled pallet kennel without complications.


Isn’t it a cute recycled pallet kennel? So, grab some pallets and start making this recycled pallet kennel. The upper surface is quite complicated for beginners so they should use carpenters help in making this wonderful recycled pallet kennel.

 pallet kennel

Another amazing recycled pallet kennel design is this. You can place this lovely recycled pallet kennel in your yard or lawn. Your pet will love this beautiful recycled pallet kennel. The color combination means a lot in the beauty of recycled pallet kennel.

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