Recycled Pallet Key Holders


Recycled pallet key holder is the most useful pallet item that is cost effective. For DIY lovers, we have brought some wonderful Recycled pallet key holder designs. So, look and these and choose the design of your choice to make.

pallet key holder ideas

As you can see in the above picture, a simple in design recycled pallet key holder can add beauty to your walls. You can hang the keys of your home, car, bike etc. in it to keep them safe and at a proper place.

beautiful pallet key rack

This design is very stylish yet useful. You can make different sections in the recycled pallet key holder to place various items in it like utility bills, decoration pieces and obviously the key holders.

pallet key holder

You can also place watches, mobile and books in the recycled pallet key holder by making different racks in it to keep your things safe and at a specific place. You can also dangle your hats and other things in the recycled pallet key holder.

 pallet key holder ideas

You can add beauty to your recycled pallet key holders by making different sections in it. The drawers made in it will make it multi-purpose. This design of recycled pallet key holder is quite in nowadays.

pallet key holder

This is a simple yet uncomplicated recycled pallet key holder. By just joining recycled pallets in and placing holders in them, you can make this beautiful recycled pallet key holder. The brown color is adding grace to this recycled pallet key holder.

pallet wood key rack

The different racks made in recycled pallet key holder will make it multi-purpose so, make one for yourself right away. The holders can be placed at the bottom while you can make the racks above it.

pallet keys rack

If you do not need any sections or racks in the recycled pallet key holder then make this simple recycled pallet key holder. Color this recycled pallet key holder in dark shade to beautify it more.

pallet key holder

The key holders can be placed at the top and bottom of the recycled pallet key holder. In the middle, you can make a small rack to place different important documents in it like bills.

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