Made This Cabinet for My Coffee Cup Collection From Shutter Closed Doors and Pallets


Are you very found to collecting the different colors and different types of the coffee cup? Many peoples have this think and their hobby to collect the coffee cups. And the people who are found the mugs in the markets mostly they placed it in the house freely which are look like garbage or waste. In this article we want to show you the different styles of the mug hanging and many DIY Pallet ideas about the coffee cup hanger which looks like a cabinet in your home and it save the space in your house because it hangs or fixed in the wall which is most better for you for your hobby and it is better ideas for your mug collection in which you can easily put the mugs and all were safe in the wooden Pallet cabinet where no fear about breaking the mugs.

pallet cabinet

Its is a Wooden Pallet mug or coffee rack which is fixed in the wall and looks very gorgeous in the room it gives you two better benefits that you can save your mug collection in it and when you put the mugs in it, It makes it an decoration piece it in your home which is shining in your home and become it looks a attractive thing for your coming peoples in your home. There are four racks are formed in the cabinet in which very gorgeous and awesome designed Mugs and coffee cup are placed. Due to the beautiful mugs the cabinet become also look fabulous.

pallet cabinet

It is also the the upper picture click which is shown you another angle that you can take your DIY ideas for your house after watching this and make your home beautiful and people likes your home and the become copy as your house in own houses. In this picture an cook are shown which stand by holding the WELCOME poster under the coffee cup cabinet. Look and think that it look like a Wooden Pallet coffee cup library in the house and the cook welcomes you when you come near the cabinet.

pallet cabinet

The picture which are shown that is a coffee cup cabinet for your house and It is not hangs in your house with the wall because its create style is that you can put this in your home and your room easily and your can put your cups and your precious things in it which you can save your things and take easily in the home. Its making method is very simple and it is not polished but you can paint it and can polish on it to make it beautiful. And the rack are not formed in it but you can hang your cups by making a racks in them and you can also put hooks in the Wooden pallet cabinet in which you can hang your cups on it.

pallet cabinetsource: facebook

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